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Realtime is entirely independent and supported by our subscribers. Sign up during our beta period to receive discounted pricing on current and future features as long as you are subscribed.

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All reports and newsletters

Quit scrolling your feed and let data-driven news come to you. With Realtime you can get the latest updates about the data that you care about, delivered weekly or daily.

Customize your subscriptions to receive updates about the topics you care about, or get all the top news on Realtime.

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Interactive charts and related headlines

Access our advanced charts, allowing you to explore the data over different timespans and see the latest related news headlines from around the web. The charts update as soon as new data is available—no need to refresh your browser, and can be viewed using linear or logarithmic scales.

Shape our roadmap

Weve got big plans about the future of Realtime—breaking alerts, more data coverage, personalized reports—but we cant do it alone.

Pro users can vote on which data feeds, reports, and features they want to see prioritized in a members-only section of our Discord.

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Why you should subscribe

Focus in Realtime

In todays sea of headlines, posts, and data, its hard to keep track of whats relevant and how it all fits together. Our engine takes a data-centric approach to flagging important developments, while giving you potential context for them in real-time — so you can more efficiently separate the signal from the noise.

Level the playing field

Whether youre an activist, retail trader, or content creator, youre up against powerful institutions that can gain an advantage using analytic tools that are out of your budget and need training to use. Join the Realtime Community to help us build out a platform that erases that edge while remaining affordable and usable for everyday people.

Be the watchdog

Legacy media outlets work to vet stories but can be captured by those theyre supposed to hold accountable. Social media empowers users but isnt always a credible source of information. As a data-driven platform, Realtime gives you direct access to primary sources on the issues that affect your life—like elections, economic developments, or the impact of local policies—but empowers you to draw your own conclusions about what they mean.

Realtime for commercial and organizational use

Your ideal intelligence report

Create your perfect data homepage utilizing your organizations data alongside information from external sources, like search trends and market movements. Integrate our updates into your communications channels of choice, like Slack or SMS.

Group subscriptions

Get a bulk subscription access and keep your entire team informed. Use Realtime to help build a shared consensus of the state of the global macro and the specifics of your domain.

API access

Add our charts and reports to your application. Embed our live updating charts in your public or internal application, or draw from the data feeds displayed on our platform to create your own. Learn more about our API.
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