Top NBA Team Offensive Ratings (2023-2024)

Points scored per 100 possessions
Boston Celtics122.2
0% D
0% W
0% M
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Celtics seize 2-1 Finals edge with potent offense
Boston’s 122.2 offensive rating fueled by ball movement and outside shooting, team’s offensive prowess may propel championship push.
122.2 is the current offensive rating for the Boston Celtics, measured in points scored per 100 possessions. The Celtics’ offense is firing on all cylinders in the NBA Finals, helping them take a 2-1 series lead.
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Boston Celtics122.2
Indiana Pacers120.5
Oklahoma City Thunder118.3
LA Clippers117.9
Denver Nuggets117.8
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66.67%BOS Celtics+ 4.4 D+ 10.1 W+ 23.2 M Y
10.6Nikola Jokić0% D0% W0% M Y
13.2Nikola Jokić0% D0% W0% M Y
108.4Minnesota Timberwolves0% D0% W0% M Y
11.7Boston Celtics0% D0% W0% M Y
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